Call Us: 416-744-7600
Call Us: 416-744-7600

Clean Room

Self Supporting Clean Rooms

Rigid Wall Clean Room Design

Allows for greater internal pressure than Soft Wall units. The Result is Superior performance, where internal temperature & air performance are under your control.

  • Full Wash down capability.
  • Polyurethane insulating core (R-7.8/inch)
  • Strong, Rigid, & Self supporting.
  • Easy to assemble, expand, or remove.
  • Various options for doors, windows etc.
  • Affordable pricing, material choices.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs.

Rigid Wall Clean Room Design

Manual & Designs

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Coldmatic has been a major supplier to many Government, Bio-Medical, & Scientific Research Institutions, for more than “50 Years”.

Our advanced “Camlock” polyurethane panel technology, is specifically designed to produce an “Air-tight” seal, & provide optimum thermal performance.

Clean Rooms

* Medical & Pharmaceutical  * Science & Research  * Hospitals & Mortuaries

  • Test chambers & Grow rooms
  • Manufacturing & production
  • Hazardous Materials storage
  • Waste & By-product storage
  • Cold storage & Deep freezing
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Office space & Work areas

Clean Rooms

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